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5 Stars Rated by Customers Mobile: 214-232-3194


Our German shepherd puppies are West German bloodlines with World Champion VA and V rated dogs from Germany. Pedigrees include World Sieger champion bloodlines, includes 2X World Sieger VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, 2014 USCA VA1 Nino von Tronje, 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei, VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg and VA2 Quantum von Arminius. What makes us different then other breeders, Read More....

  • 07/29/2019

    Date Bred

  • 10/01/2019

    Date Born

  • 1 Male, 1 Female

    Litter Size

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  • December 03, 2019

    Pick Up Date

  • $5000 - $6500

VA Elite Litter Goran vom Bierstadter Hof & VA Randy vom Leithawald grand pups, H litter

Nasa bred on July 29, 2019

1st pick male deposit placed by Cooper
1st pick female deposit placed by Goode

 Father:  V Canon vom Heralmaborg IPO2, KKL 1a, 3X VA Randy vom Leithawald, son VA Yoker vom Leithawald and VA Ilbo vom Holtkämper See, grandson

MOTHER: V Nasa vom Lärchenhain IPO1, KKL 1a, VA Goran vom Bierstadter Hof, daughter and 4X VA Memphis vom Solebrunnen and 3X VA Granitt vom Osterberger-Tal, Granddaughter

DECEMBER 03, 2019


V2 Canon vom Heralmaborg

Canon vom Heralmaborg

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Von der Otto German Shepherds is announcing our new German import, V Canon vom Heralmaborg IPO2, KKL 1a. Now available for stud in Dallas, Texas for fully titled females of West German Show Lines. He is a large beautiful deep black and red male with a very large massive head. His hips and elbows are both excellent. His father is 3XVA (A+NL) V40 BSZS Randy vom Leithawald IPO2/SCHH 3 - DM CLEAR. His grandfathers include VA1(A) Yoker vom Leithawald IPO3 and VA4, 2XVA1(IRE) Ilbo vom Holtkämper See SCHH3, IPO3. His great grandfathers include VA1 (BSZS 08,09), VA1 (It, Sp 09) Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3 and VA1(CN) V3 Yak vom Frankengold SCHH3.

BREED SURVEY REPORT: At the upper size limit standing, full-bodied, dry and solid male with very good building conditions. Very good expression, very good pigmentation, good character, strong head, dark eye. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good length and situation of the croup. Front well, the back very well bent, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Front straight-, rear slightly hackeneng kicking it indicates very powerful, expansive courses at excellent majesty. Safe nature, TSB pronounced. V. Type full overall appearance. VI. Perform Medium bitches.

V Nasa vom Lärchenhain

Nasa vom Lärchenhain

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GERMAN BREED SURVEY REPORT: Groß, kraft- und gehaltvoll, sehr gute Gebäudevberhältnisse, sehr gut pigmentiert, ausdrucksstarker kräftiger Kopf, hoher Widerrist, gerader, fester Rücken, gute Lage und Länge der Kruppe, korrekte Winkelungen der Vor- und Hinterhand, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, korrekte Front, gerade Schrittfolge der Vor- und Nachhand, druckvolle, raumgreifende Gänge bei sehr guter Erhabenheit. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt. V. Substanzvoller Zuchthündinnentyp von passender Größe.

ENGLISH BREED REPORT: Large, strong and full of content, very good building conditions, very well pigmented, expressive strong head, high withers, straight, firm back, good position and length of the croup, correct angulations of the fore and hindquarters, balanced breasts, correct front, straight step sequence the fore and aft hand, powerful, expansive aisles with very good grandeur. Safe nature, TSB pronounced. V. Substantial breeding bitch type of appropriate size.