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5 Stars Rated by Customers Mobile: 214-232-0986

Our Long Coat German Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppies and Adult Dogs

Von der Otto German Shepherd will share photos of our Long Coat Puppies and Long Coat Adult Dogs we have for sale or have sold throughout the years. Many people asked us what is a long coat German shepherd puppy or dog look like. The picture below will show you how they look as a puppy and then as an adult. Our long coats have a gorgeous thick mane around their neck and the hair flows down their side. Many times’ the coat is not much longer than the standard show coat with exception of more hair around the ears. We even have plush coats, which is a cross between a standard coat and a long coat. The long coats handle heat as well as the standard coats. Any dog you need to be very careful, especially in Texas, the weather can reach over 100 degrees, do not to leave any dog in extreme heat. Heat is much harder on any dog then cold. Long coats are now allowed in German shows in a separate class and more are being shown every day. They perform very well in the show and in protection work.

When a standard coat German shepherd has long coat puppies in the litter it is due to both parents caring a recessive long coat gene. Both parents will carry the recessive gene. So, when a female or male has been bred for the first time you may not know if either one of them have will carry the recessive gene, until the litter is born and you will see a long coat in the bunch. Most the time we cannot tell until the puppy is at least three to four weeks old. Then that does not always mean every time the same two dogs mate they will always have a long coat, even if they did in a previous litter. Long coats are rare. I am getting more request for long coats every day, so because of the high demand, the price can be the same or even can be higher than a standard coat. To answer another important question, do long coats shed more? The answer is NO they do not shed more, in fact, I been told by several customers who own both our standard coats and our long coats they have found they shed less. I been asking this question for the past twelve years. Even my first puppy born from my kennel in 2005 was a long coat from the standard coat parents. As you will see in our pictures below they are gorgeous. The pictures are from our puppies we sold and now are adults.     

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