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SG Sindbad vom Lärchenhain

Sindbad vom Lärchenhain

SG2 Sindbad vom Lärchenhain is a beautiful big boned stocky male with a very large male head. He moves beautifully in the ring and received 2nd place by a German Judge at the 2018 South Central Regional Show. He is a VA3 (BSZS) Cronos del Seprio, son. He is a World Sieger VA1 (BSZS) Fred vom Rumbachtal and a 2X World Sieger VA1 (BSZS) Remo vom Fichtenschlag, grandson. He is also a 4X VA Yerom vom Haus Salihin and 3X VA Granitt vom Osterberger-Tal, great grandson.

Sindbad has the best temperament! He is great with children and puppies. He loves to play ball and is very laid back in the house. He showers my customers with attention. Everyone who meets Sindbad falls in love! Not only is he big and beautiful, he is a sweetheart! He is protective in the yard and let's me know when someone is in our driveway. You could not asked for a more perfect male! A dog I can trust with everyone and can take him anywhere.

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Sindbad vom Lärchenhain


German Shepherd Dogs

Reg. No. 1

SZ 2342475

Reg. No. 2

DN 55450501

Date of Birth

October 29, 2017



Micro Chip


Coat Type



Black and Red



Show Rank


Genetic Health

Hips (HD)

SV: HD normal (a1)

Elbows (ED)

SV: ED normal (a1)

Breed Value




DNA Profile

AKC V858225

Anatomy Data



Height / Withers


Depth Breast


Width Breast




Koer Report

Call Name


Owner/Breeder Information

Tia Otto

Vincent Buß

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1st Generation (Paternal)

2nd Generation (Paternal)

3rd Generation (Paternal)



8X VA Cronos del Seprio

SZ 2304505

IPO3, KKL 1a

2nd Generation (Paternal)

2X VA Afra del Seprio

SZ 2235740

IPO2, KKL 1a

3rd Generation (Paternal)

V Ray vom Fichtenschlag

SZ 2154538

SchH3 KKL 1a

V Thora vom Fichtenschlag

SZ 2157843

SchH3 KKL 1a

V Irok Karanberg

SZ 2158106

ScHH3, KKL 2a

V Wanda del Seprio

SZ 9138242

SchH2, IPO2, KKL 1a

1st Generation (Maternal)

2nd Generation (Maternal)

3rd Generation (Maternal)



V Jesira vom Lärchenhain

SZ 2317769

IPO1, KKL 1a

2nd Generation (Maternal)

VA1 Fred vom Rumbachtal

SZ 2237270

SchH3, KKL 1a

V Waga vom Lärchenhain

SZ 2291540

IPO2, KKL 1a

3rd Generation (Maternal)

VA Yerom vom Haus Salihin

SZ 2165494

SchH3 IPO3 FH1 KKL 1a

VA(NL) Zaira vom Rumbachtal

SZ 2169585

SchH3, KKL 1a

V Havanna vom Lärchenhain

SZ 2256410

IPO1, KKL 1a