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5 Stars Rated by Customers Mobile: 214-232-3194

V Hagen vom Deutschen Eck

Hagen vom Deutschen Eck

Absolutely a beautiful stud Fully titled SchH3 (schutzhund 3) with Kkl1 (recommended to breed) and excellent hips and elbow. Healthy lines., strong bone structure, masculine, MEGA head, stud type, excellent ball and prey drive. Absolutely clear in the head, love children and other dogs, friendly in nature, excellent pedigree ready to play and ready to please attitude.

GERMAN BREED SURVEY REPORT: Groß, mittelkräftig, guter, ausdrucksvoller Kopf, hoher Widerrist, fester Rücken, etwas geneigte Kruppe, die länger sein müßte, gute Vor-, sehr gute Hinterhandwinkelungen, normale Brustentwicklung, die Front ist gerade, hinten etwas eng-, vorne geradetretend, kraftvolle Gänge mit gutem Raumgewinn. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; läßt nicht ab.

V. Großer Rüde, gepräge stark, sehr gut pigmentiert, mit breiten Keulen.

ENGLISH BREED REPORT: Large, medium-bodied, smooth, expressive head, high withers, firm back, slightly sloping croup, which would have to be longer, good pre-, very good rear angulations, normal breast development, the front is straight, behind some England, front straight movement, powerful transitions with good space gain. Safe nature, TSB pronounced; does not discharge.

V. Big dog, character strong, very well pigmented, with broad lobes.

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Hagen vom Deutschen Eck


German Shepherd Dogs

Reg. No. 1


Reg. No. 2


Date of Birth

October 23, 2008


H-H 7180

Micro Chip


Coat Type

Stock Coat (Stockhaar)





Show Rank


Genetic Health

Hips (HD)

SV: HD a-normal (a1)

Elbows (ED)

SV: ED a-normal

Breed Value




DNA Profile

Approved - Geprüft

Anatomy Data



Height / Withers


Depth Breast


Width Breast




Koer Report

Call Name


Owner/Breeder Information

Tia Otto Von der Otto German Shepherds

Beate Wenzel in Germany

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1st Generation (Paternal)

2nd Generation (Paternal)

3rd Generation (Paternal)



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