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Von Der Otto German Shepherds

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5 Stars Rated by Customers Mobile: 214-232-0986


Von der Otto German Shepherds Offers and easy credit card payment option at no charge. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE, whether the female gets pregnant or not. We will always transfer the DEPOSIT to another litter. You will be put on a waiting list by date you put down your deposit and be put on the next available puppy.

Von der Otto German Shepherds Offers and easy credit card payment option at no charge. To place a deposit or to make a final payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express simply click on the MAKE PAYMENT and enter your credit card information. TEXAS SALES TAX WILL BE CHARGED TO CUSTOMERS FOR DOG OR PUPPY PURCHASES IN TEXAS AND PICKED UP IN TEXAS, UNLESS THE DOG OR PUPPY IS SHIPPED OUT OF STATE. For more information read about the TEXAS STATE SALES TAX RULES AND REGULATIONS regarding breeders.

Puppy Prices vary from 6500 - $8500 or up. This is according on the litter and if pink papered with high end import parents bred to top rated males in Europe. The highest upcoming VA or World Sieger Champions. We do not give breeding rights to any puppies, unless you after 2 years prove you have followed Germany rules. You need to show in German shows and get your dog fully titled through "Von der Otto."

Adult prices to be determined on the breeding and age. Retired or still in service. Imports fully titled or an untitled male or female. All price will be listed on the puppies, planned litter or adult page. All our dogs are imported from Germany and some are born from top German breeding born at our home. We have NO American breeds. Only West German show lines.

We give NO breeding rights to keep our lines pure, unless previously agreed on and we approve your breeding program.


Adults prices vary and will be listed on the Adults for Sale page with a set price.

Refer to the puppies and planned litter page for price range on each litter. Puppies will come with limited breeding rights for AKC. Breeding rights can be approved at a later date after all tests have been passed and approved by the breeder when the male or female has reached two years old. The hips and elbows are required to be certified at the very minimum. Also, a written agreed breeding program for your kennel will need to be approved before breeding rights can be approved.



  • Texas Sales Tax will be charged for dog and puppy purchases, unless shipped out of state.
  • Business or Personal Checks must be received 10 business days prior to pick up or delivery
  • Credit Cards must be paid on the payment page 10 business days prior to pick up or delivery
  • Cash can be paid on the same day you picked up your puppy, but ONLY cash We do NOT accept personal or business checks, cashier checks, money orders or travelers checks when taking possession of our puppies. Except for Cash, payments will have to be paid in advance or you will NOT receive your puppy on the same day you visit our kennel. You will have to come back and pick up your puppy when full payment has been received or cleared from your bank. Payment requirements also include any shipping cost owed.


The cost of shipping depends on the age and weight of the adult dog or puppy we are shipping, which includes airfare, new crate, health certificate and transportation to airport. The range of cost is between $400-$800

The above shipping cost is figured on flights inside the United States, oversees will incur additional charges. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Fees include a health certificate, shipping crate and plane fare. Due to airline cost increases this is subject to change at time of shipment. All shipping costs must be paid before shipping.

Return Policy is included in the Written Guarantee given to owners at the time of purchase.