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Von Der Otto German Shepherds

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5 Stars Rated by Customers Mobile: 214-232-3194

World class German Shepherd Studs

Von der Otto German Shepherds offer Top West German show lines for Stud Service. Our Studs are from some the best World Sieger bloodlines from Germany. Our German Shepherd Studs pedigree include VA1 (USCA) Nino vom Tronje, 2X World Sieger VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag, VA Orbit von Tronje, 2X World Sieger VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Ball, VA Hill vom Farbenspiel, World Sieger VA Ursus von Batu and VA (WDA) Whisky von der Wasserkuppe. Read the Breeding Requirements before planning your next breeding to our studs.

IMPORTANT:  Read our Breeding Requirements on first day of season (heat cycle). Testing requirements start on first day of heat cycle. We provide this information in an effort to make sure that your female gets pregnant. We want you to have puppies almost as much as you want them. The key to a large healthy litter is breeding at the right time via serum progesterone testing. Stud Service provided only for approved females.

V2 Canon vom Heralmaborg

Von der Otto German Shepherds is announcing our new German import, V Canon vom Heralmaborg IPO2, KKL 1a. Now available for stud in Dallas, Texas for fully titled females of West German Show Lines. He is a large beautiful deep black and red male with a very large massive head. His hips and elbows are both excellent. His father is 3XVA (A+NL) V40 BSZS Randy vom Leithawald IPO2/SCHH 3 - DM CLEAR. His grandfathers include VA1(A) Yoker vom Leithawald IPO3 and VA4, 2XVA1(IRE) Ilbo vom Holtkämper See SCHH3, IPO3. His great grandfathers include VA1 (BSZS 08,09), VA1 (It, Sp 09) Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3 and VA1(CN) V3 Yak vom Frankengold SCHH3.

BREED SURVEY REPORT: At the upper size limit standing, full-bodied, dry and solid male with very good building conditions. Very good expression, very good pigmentation, good character, strong head, dark eye. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good length and situation of the croup. Front well, the back very well bent, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Front straight-, rear slightly hackeneng kicking it indicates very powerful, expansive courses at excellent majesty. Safe nature, TSB pronounced. V. Type full overall appearance. VI. Perform Medium bitches.

V Hagen vom Deutschen Eck

Absolutely a beautiful stud Fully titled SchH3 (schutzhund 3) with Kkl1 (recommended to breed) and excellent hips and elbow. Healthy lines., strong bone structure, masculine, MEGA head, stud type, excellent ball and prey drive. Absolutely clear in the head, love children and other dogs, friendly in nature, excellent pedigree ready to play and ready to please attitude.

GERMAN BREED SURVEY REPORT: Groß, mittelkräftig, guter, ausdrucksvoller Kopf, hoher Widerrist, fester Rücken, etwas geneigte Kruppe, die länger sein müßte, gute Vor-, sehr gute Hinterhandwinkelungen, normale Brustentwicklung, die Front ist gerade, hinten etwas eng-, vorne geradetretend, kraftvolle Gänge mit gutem Raumgewinn. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; läßt nicht ab.

V. Großer Rüde, gepräge stark, sehr gut pigmentiert, mit breiten Keulen.

ENGLISH BREED REPORT: Large, medium-bodied, smooth, expressive head, high withers, firm back, slightly sloping croup, which would have to be longer, good pre-, very good rear angulations, normal breast development, the front is straight, behind some England, front straight movement, powerful transitions with good space gain. Safe nature, TSB pronounced; does not discharge.

V. Big dog, character strong, very well pigmented, with broad lobes.

Nix von der Otto

Nix von der Otto is beautiful large male. He has a large male head with a dark face. nice croup, beautiful fast moving pace. Good agulation of the rear, excellent temperament, very well socialized and a great attitude. Nix is very good with dogs and children.

Nix is a grandson to VA1(SHZS) Digger vom Elzmündungsraum SCHH3 and SG Mason vom Fleischerheim. He is also a VA Hill vom Farbenspiel, VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos, VA2 Xantia vom Elzmündungsraum, V Mambo vom Thüringer-Weg, VA (USA) Ingodds Albert and VA (USA) Quena von der Zenteiche great grandson.

V2 Ramon von der Grafschaft Mark

V2 Ramon vom der Grafschaft Mark is a remarkable male with a IPO3 in bitework and FH1 in tracking. Beautiful black and red male. With very nice head. He is a VA2 Queen vom Löher Weg and VA2 Quantum von Arminius Grandson. Offer Stud Service in Dallas Texas

GERMAN BREED REPORT: Übermittelgroß, gut mittelkräftig, gehaltvoll, sehr gut pigmentiert, in sehr gutem Verhältnis aufgebaut, guter Kopf und Ausdruck, betont hoher Widerrist, fester Rücken, Kruppe sollte bei guter Lage noch etwas länger sein, gut gewinkelte Vor-, sehr gut gewinkelte Hinterhand, gut entwickelte Vor- und Unterbrust, korrekte Front, hinten und vorne gering engtretend müssen sich die Ellenbogen noch schließen, temperamentvolle Gänge mit kraftvollem Nachschub, Vortritt sollte noch etwas freier sein. TSB ausgeprägt.

ENGLISH BREED REPORT: Over medium size, good medium-bodied, full-bodied, very well pigmented, built in very good relationship, good head and expression, emphasizes high withers, firm back, croup should still be a little longer at a good location, well bent forward, very good angled hindquarters, well developed pre- and brisket, correct front, rear and front low engtretend the elbow must still close, spirited gait with powerful supply, priority should be something free. TSB pronounced.