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We are Currently Rated 5 out of 5 Stars!

On October 5, 2017, Donna Daily said:

I thought I would share a photo of Dallas from the D litter Cannon X Fibi now 10 months old. He is the best!

On August 6, 2017, Anne gave us 5 stars and said:


Tia and Dan Otto are such wonderful and beautiful people with just as beautiful dogs. We have never come across anyone with such kind and understanding hearts. They have all the qualities one looks for in a good breeder. Their dogs are like family to them and it reflects in all the dogs' demeanor and personalities. They have a beautiful property for the dogs to run around and their whelping conditions are very well kept and clean. They are very transparent with the way they breed their dogs and have nothing to hide. They answered all our questions patiently and one can see their love for the dogs when they spoke to us.

Coming to their dogs, we were able to interact with Nix, Canon, Sadie, Fibi and a bunch of roly poly gorgeous puppies in their house and have never seen more beautiful looking dogs. I personally loved Nix. He was such a gentle giant with a massive and gorgeous head and coat. We highly recommend Dan and Tia as the best german shepherd breeders we have come across. They let us visit the puppies every week since they were born until the day we took ours home. They treated us like family and we will definitely come back to Tia and Dan for another puppy.

Thank you so much for our beautiful puppy Dan and Tia.



On July 8, 2017, Donna Daily gave us 5 stars and said:

Last year I lost my very special male GSD. I searched many breeders web sites looking for an outstanding breeder and dogs to purchase a male pup from. I came across Tia and Dan's dogs and fell in love with Cannon. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to purchase a pup from the Cannon x Fibi "D" litter. A few things that stood out for me was the fact that Tia posted many pictures of their dogs in various situations whether it be training, competing or spending the day by the pool. Talking to Tia I was struck by her honesty and integrity that many breeders do not have. I have owned several GSD and dealt with many breeders over the years, Tia and Dan stood out. I flew to TX from CA to select my new boy and since I had recently moved my 83 year old mother in with me, I now had to select a pup that would be best around her. When I arrived Tia and Dan were like family instantly to me. I was not rushed to make my selection and we talked about many things. I selected Dallas Von Der Otto who has an outstanding Temperament and good mind. He has fit in perfect here and has never jumped on us (which is unusual for a pup) nor was he a mouthy pup. He has already shown he is a good guard dog of the house and property. At 6 months old we are already working off leash heeling etc. He has been extremely easy to train and many people tell me they have never seen a GSD that was not hyper. A well bred GSD knows when to turn it on and when to chill and relax. That is a well bred dog and good mind.

You can buy a backyard bred dog but it will not be as healthy for diseases that plague GSD, have good hips and elbows or a solid temperament and good mind. You get what you pay for and I got and outstanding beautiful dog! I look forward to purchasing another dog from Tia and Dan in the future and highly recommend this breeder!

Donna Daily


On May 25, 2017, kimbale gave us 5 stars and said:

Wolfram von der Otto is 14 weeks old this week and he's just a stunning pup both in personality and looks. He is a son from Ramon and Xena's February 2017 litter, and I could not be any happier with him. On top of having a great, energetic personality, he is very easy to train and catches on to new commands quickly. At 14 weeks we are already working on focused heeling and he will be starting nosework this weekend. We have plans to do rally and other dog sports, and the trainer leading his puppy class is excited about his potential. We are also constantly getting stopped by people who ask to take photos and videos of him. I have had people pull their cars over to ask about him and everywhere we go people comment about how beautiful (and big) he is. He is also the most photogenic dog I have ever met in my life, and several other people have commented on how it is impossible to take a bad photo of him. He is just perfect in temperament and looks and I can't wait to see everything he accomplishes once he's grown.

Thank you to Tia and Dan for producing such amazing dogs. I did a lot of research on pedigrees but had so many questions, and y'all answered them all and were always easy to get ahold of. In doing my research, I also saw how truly unique the pedigrees of Von der Otto dogs are. They are very high quality, with world class dogs all down the line and it shows in the puppies that are produced.

Thank you again and I will continue to keep you updated on Wolf as he grows!

On February 15, 2017, CarissaWojo gave us 5 stars and said:


After an extensive search of all respectable GSD breeders in TX there was no doubt in our mind that Tia and Dan were the perfect fit for us. They not only provide esquisite blood lines but all of their dogs have great temperament. My husband and I made a special trip to Dallas to meet Tia and Dan in person. And all I can say is WOW! We were greeted by the most stunningly beautiful group of GSDs I have ever seen. Tia and Dan immediately invited us into their home and introduced us to our future pups mom and uncle who exuded all of the qualities you could ever want in your dog (confidence, playfulness, friendliness, beauty, well-mannered, and perfectly trained!!). Tia's amazing knowledge of the breed as well as her genunine love for her dogs and puppies immediately peaked our interest. One of the most important things we looked for while searching for our puppy was the type of care they received the first few weeks after birth. We were so amazed to discover that Tia and Dan hand birthed and cared for all of their litters right in her home! They not only provide outstanding basic care for their pups but Tia also makes it a priority to spend one on one "cuddle time" with each pup which tremendously helps them with socialization at a very young age.

Not only did Tia bless us with an amazing new member of our family she has also been a great resource for questions and help in raising him along the way. Our pup Rikkor is just about 8 months old and he is absolutely perfect!! My husband and I are obsessed with him but it is nothing compared to the inseparable bond he has with our 2 year old daughter! They are truly best friends!! If you are looking to extended your family by adding a GSD we STRONGLY suggest contacting Tia and Dan and making a trip out to their home to see for yourself the amazing quality dogs they breed and the love they have for each and every one of them! Thank you Tia and Dan!

On November 13, 2016, Bill gave us 5 stars and said:

I am the proud owner of Payton Von der Otto who is now 6 years old. She is truly one of the most beautiful German Shepherds I have ever seen. Although she is smaller than some other shepherds her build and color are amazing. Payton has held at 75 lbs for the last few years. She is dark red and has a beautiful black saddle and is very healthy. I never take her anywhere that people don't comment on how pretty she is. Payton is very protective until she is comfortable that the person is not there to harm her or me. She is very good with my grandchildren and has never bitten anyone. I will send a picture in the near future.

On June 14, 2016, Leslee gave us 5 stars and said:

First rate breeders with first rate dogs. My puppy's name is Dixi. She is 4 1/2 months old and is just perfect. She is everything a GSD should be: intelligent, loyal, gorgeous and very healthy. She knows all her basic commands and is currently learning commands using hand signals only. She is so alert and willing to please. We have owned two other GSD's that lived long lives, so we knew what to expect from a well breed GSD. Dixi already has far exceeded our expectations. Our puppy is from one of Tia's scholarship litters, a wonderful program.

Dan and Tia truly care about their dogs and are very knowledgable and want their customers to have a great relationship with their puppy.

Recently on a walk with Dixi, a large vicious dog came charging across the street towards Dixi and I. I put Dixi on a sit stay, her hair was raised and she was making a low growl but stayed completely still. The owner of the other dog eventually got her dog under control and commented on how well behaved my puppy was. I think for a young puppy, her showing such restraint and obidience stopped a potential disaster.

If you get one of Ottos dogs, you will not be sorry.

I followed Tia's advice and use the vitamins and conditioner she recommends, these are amazing products.

On June 6, 2016, RON gave us 5 stars and said:

Plan on purchasing one of your beautiful male puppies in the not to distant future .



Ron Platt


On January 20, 2016, we got 5 stars and the following was said:

Can not explain how impressed I am/have been with Tia and Dan and their German Shepherds. They are first class all the way and are raising/breeding excellent GSD. Throughout the entire process of looking at the puppies, meeting the other dogs, making the purchase, follow up, etc has been second to none. We selected a female back in November, but were unable to take her home until about 3 weeks later due to a busy time with my wife and my jobs. Without question, they took care of her in the meantime at no extra cost and without complaint. Raleigh (my beautiful female) is absolutely gorgeous, has the best temperament, and sweetest puppy. She is growing up fast and is already doing so well with basic obedience training and socialization with other dogs and people. Can't say enough good things about Von der Otto and highly recommend this German Shepherd Breeder.

On December 16, 2015, Laurie gave us 5 stars and said:

We could not be more pleased with our Von Der Otto puppy. Our girl Ella is the calmest, sweetest dog. She's never been hyper, listens well, trains easily and loves our girls immensely. She's very, very smart and is such a great family dog. She's always been good with kids and other dogs as well. We visited other GSD breeders and the Von Der Otto's were hands down the best around. They treat their dogs like family and it shows. We recommend them highly.

On November 19, 2015, JJ gave us 5 stars and said:

This is our first GSD for our family after having labs for the last 20 years. I was looking for temperament, loyalty, protectiveness, and a reliable breeder. Researching multiple GSD breeders, there were always unhappy clients with scathing negative reviews which of course makes one cautious and hesitant. Finding Tia and Dan was the like hitting the jackpot! Family owned and not commercial. Got to meet both parents (Ramon and Rylie) when I went to look at the puppies before purchasing. Both are very knowledgeable and travel to Germany to continue to learn and develop their passion for GSD's! They are also very responsive to texts, email, and phone calls with questions.

We picked up Jax at 2 months of age and I was amazed at how confident he was. Loud noises would not scare him. He would watch with focused curiosity at the lawn mower, gas blowers, noisy garbage trucks, and traffic noises. I could even dremel his nails at 2 months without him fighting or yelping.

An example of his intelligence was observed at 3 months. We keep Jax and our other dog in the main living room blocked by gates. When our kids would leave for school in the morning, Jax would become distressed and would try to find where they went. Since he can't get through the gates, he remembered that he could go up one flight of stairs, run along the hallway (on the 2nd floor), and come down the other stairs which leads to the front door! It's like he had a map of our house in his brain at 3 months of age...

Now at 4 1/2 months, he has finished his first puppy class and was the most well behaved in his class. No yelping or fussing. Did what was asked and without protests. Clicker training has worked perfectly! Many law enforcement, fire fighters, and security will comment on Jax during our walks. He's protective of strangers and has a huge bark for a 4 month old puppy.

Pricing for von der Otto puppies are reasonable considering all what goes into breeding and bringing quality, healthy, confident, and stable puppies. I have absolutely no regrets on our purchase. We are grateful that Jax has become an awesome addition and we could not imagine our family without him.

I strongly believe in testimonials and whole heartedly recommend Von Der Otto German Shepherds to others who are considering purchasing a GSD puppy. Take the time to talk with Dan/Tia and you will not regret it. Stop by and take a look at their facility and listen to what they have learned about breeding GSD's. Their heart is in the right place and their puppies will become part of yours!

On November 15, 2015, sschultz gave us 5 stars and said:

We have a shepherd from one of Hagen and Leska's litters and he is quite possibly the greatest GSD in the history of the world. 😉

On November 12, 2015, JA gave us 5 stars and said:

Tia is the BEST!! She has amazing customer service. She cares deeply for her dogs. She is truly a blessing to the world of GSD lovers. I am so glad that we found her.

Our trainer said this about our sweet pup..."She's such an awesome little puppy. Truly - I see VERY few shepherds that are as stable as she is. Gives me hope for the breed! :)."

Tia, thank you!

Jenna and Alan

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